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Personalised Blue Polka With Choice Of Cat Heads

Personalised Blue Polka With Choice Of Cat Heads

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  • Size Guide

    Tiny (19mm) - Suitable for Cats & Chihuahuas (5p coin size)

    Small (25mm) - Suitable for Cockapoos, Small Terriers & Shih-tzus (10p coin size)

    Medium (31mm) - Suitable for Labradors, Dalmatians & Staffies (50p coin size)

    Large (38mm) - Suitable for Huskies, Chow Chows, Bernese Mountain Dogs & St Bernards (For extra large breeds)

    Our pet tags are made from strong coated aluminium, lightweight, yet very durable, waterproof, rustproof, and scratch-resistant.

    All our tags come with a stainless-steel split ring for collar attachment.

    We pay careful attention to detail to make sure your furry boy or girl makes a fabulous customised fashion statement.

    All our tags are designed and made exclusively in our Hampshire workshop.

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